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We urge you to #FixNYDemocracy and to vote to pass comprehensive democracy reform in the 2021 legislative session. Taking this pledge means that I support:


  1. Fixing Our Broken Elections

  2. ​Getting Big Money Out of NY Politics

  3. Holding Politicians Accountable on Corruption

I will stand with my fellow voters who demand action on political corruption now. Our state is facing a crisis of historic proportions, and we need solutions that work for all our people, not just for the powerful and connected.

Click the link on the left if you want to pledge to #FixNYDemocracy.


Vote Safely 

Governor Cuomo has issued two executive orders regarding Absentee Voting. All voters who are concerned about contracting COVID-19 can vote by absentee ballot in any election held on or before June 23rd 2020. This includes the June 23rd congressional and presidential primary elections.

If you are eligible to vote in an election held on or before June 23rd, your county Board of Elections is required to mail you an Absentee Ballot application. Look for your Absentee Ballot application in the mail. You should receive it by May 15th.

The New York state Democratic Presidential Primary will be held on June 23rd.

It has been UNCANCELLED.

May 29, 2020 is last day to register to vote in the June 23rd Primary

How to Vote by Absentee Ballot

Step 1: Fill out an absentee ballot application.

If you have an election to vote in (see NOTE Below), and if you do not receive an absentee ballot application in the mail by May 15th, 2020, get an absentee ballot application from the New York State Board of Elections website, or from your local board of elections.

NOTE: Depending on your party affiliation, or lack thereof, some New York residents will have not have an election to vote in. If you have no election to vote in, your County Board of Elections will not mail you an absentee ballot application. If you do not get an absentee ballot application in the mail by May 15th 2020, and you believe that you have an election to vote in, you can phone your County Board of Elections to confirm why you did not receive an absentee ballot application.

The absentee ballot application on New York State Board of Elections website is an editable PDF document. You can complete it while online and save an electronic copy (PDF format) that you can email to your local board of elections. Or, you can print a paper copy of the form and fill it out by hand. Here is a link to the form: ABSENTEE BALLOT FORM.


When filling out the absentee ballot application to request an absentee ballot because of COVID-19, check the box for “Temporary illness or physical disability.” Be sure to sign the form (you are not required to sign in-person).

Step 2: Send the application to your local board of elections.

You must submit the absentee ballot application to your county Board of Elections on or before June 16th 2020. You can submit the absentee ballot application by:

  1. Emailing the form to your local Board of Elections

  2. Faxing the form to your local Board of Elections

  3. Mailing the form to your local Board of Elections (envelope must be postmarked on or before June 16th)

Find the email address, or the postal mail address, or the fax number for your local board of elections on their website. Do a Web search to find you county’s Website. For example: "Board of Elections Albany County New York."

Step 3: Return your absentee ballot by the voting deadline.

After receiving your absentee ballot, follow the instructions that are provided to complete and return it by the required deadline.


For Additional Information
  • To get detailed information about all options for voting in the county that you live in, go to your county’s Board of Elections Website. Do a Web search to find you county’s Website. For example: "Board of Elections Albany County New York."

  • For general information on absentee voting and other voting options go to the state Board of Elections Website 

  • You can also get useful information at the New York State League of Women Voters Website 


Vote-by-Mail by 2022

The Security of Absentee Ballot Voting in the 62 Counties of New York State

This is to announce a partnership between Represent NY and Forge Collective on a public voter information campaign. We expect to soon include other non-partisan organizations such as Humanity Forward in a larger, multi-partner coalition.

The purpose of the campaign is to provide New York state voters accurate information about the readiness of New York State to conduct secure absentee ballot voting (vote by mail) elections in the New York State June 23rd election and beyond. It is also a first step in advocating for a statewide, vote-by-mail option for New York state voters.

In the current, highly-charged, partisan atmosphere, there is a great deal of information in the public forum. Some of the information is about the increased likelihood of election fraud in a vote-by-mail election. This information is eroding trust in a vote-by-mail voting process.


Represent NY and Forge Collective intend to collect and disseminate accurate information about the current preparedness of New York state to conduct secure vote-by-mail elections.


This campaign will have two phases: information collection and information dissemination. 


The first phase of the campaign will be collecting information directly from the Board of Elections of each of the 62 New York State counties. We will be asking what mechanisms will be in place to ensure the security of absentee ballot voting in the New York State June 23rd election and beyond.

A few test surveys have already been conducted. The information obtained so far indicates that the safety mechanisms that the county Boards of Elections currently have in place are adequate to make vote-by-mail quite safe. However, we need more information before we can confidently provide accurate information and a non-partisan analysis to New York State voters.

We will be phoning the commissioners of Board of Elections in each county and asking them to respond to a three-question survey, either on the phone or by email. Before we make calls we will have a virtual training session for all volunteers.


We need at least 10 volunteers to make the initial round of calls, but we would like to have more. Because speaking to staff at a B.O.E. represents an opportunity to build a relationship, we hope to recruit volunteers who can make a long-term commitment to further grassroots efforts that are connected with voter information and voting rights.


Besides using the collected information to provide accurate information to all New York state voters, we hope to be able to use the information to support S8120, a bill proposed by State Senator Jennifer Metzger. The bill “creates a plan to permit voting by mail in the event of a natural disaster or state of emergency.” It is known as the Vote-by-Mail bill.


Please join us in the information-collection part of this campaign.


To volunteer, or if you have questions, please contact one of the three campaign coordinators:

  • Andrew Gill

Represent Albany


  • Dennis Fredette

Represent Albany


  • Keiko Sono

Forge Collective


Andrew Gill and Dennis Fredette are regional organizers of Represent NY, a chapter of Represent Us dedicated to fixing these issues within New York State.


Forge Collective is a non-profit, cultural and communication platform for creating a humanity forward society. Keiko Sono is the founder and director. 


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