We urge you to #FixNYDemocracy and to vote to pass comprehensive democracy reform in the 2021 legislative session. Taking this pledge means that I support:


Fixing Our Broken Elections
  • Establishing a truly independent redistricting committee to ensure fair boundaries are drawn.

  • Repealing recent changes to ballot access, which are among the most restrictive laws in the nation.

  • Expanding Ranked Choice Voting to all of New York to ensure all winners have majority support and end the “spoiler effect.”


Getting Big Money Out of NY Politics


  • Reducing the power of the biggest campaign donors by drastically lowering NY’s campaign contribution limits – which are among the nation’s highest – and closing donation loopholes for party committees.

Holding Politicians Accountable on Corruption

  • Replacing the Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE) with a new, truly independent body that has the power to hold public servants for corruption.


I stand with my fellow voters who demand action on political corruption now. Our state is facing a crisis of historic proportions, and we need solutions that work for all our people, not just for the powerful and connected.

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#FixNYDemocracy Pledge

Candidates who have pledged to #FixNYDemocracy


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